I need motivation,


do you ever get mad at yourself because youre not even good at the things you thought you were good at


My dark skin women who feel they are not the right shade,
It is not a curse or discolouration; it is how you were made.
I see you with your bleaching cream, constantly jealous of the light skin,
What about your soul within? Are you going to colour that too?
It is bad enough that you feel out of place
But what a cruel world that you cannot find a home within your race?
They have you puzzled; wondering why you are the way you are,
Why you are seldom portrayed in the media,
They have only pushed you out of focus
And that is why you don’t get noticed.

You know it is just not right!
We should be one instead they make us three;
The light, brown and dark skin which are you and me.
It should not be a competition; more like a recognition
That beauty has various definitions
And a separation is gratuitous,
Completely unfair; to be born one way but always desire the opposite
You have dark skin, yes, what is so wrong with it?

They want to transform you into something brighter,
Dark everywhere, they need to see the light
And not when it comes from your skin
But when it is reflected from within.
They have been unfair I know,
So let your motivation steer your goal,
Let not the words of the adversaries lessen your growth.

They assume we are asking for a preference,
What we want is a balance,
For the dark skin women to have an equal chance.
Let our voices be heard because the skin colour is never enough,
It will never tell you what that human is capable of
Or how many challenges we have faced because our darkness has not been rubbed off.
Beautiful ebony, they made you believe that your life needs a tint
But if you remain strong
Opportunity will grant you space on earth for your print;
Your very own dark skin print.

Nikkita Duke (snippet from Ebony Poem)